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  • Proper Planning for IAS Exam Preparation

    Apr 10, 2020

    Sometime in the past coaching was a remarkable thought, just taken by the individuals who were feeble in their learning. In any case, presently, it is a normally received technique to prepare for the serious tests, tenaciously advanced by the educators and to a few degrees by the guardians as well.

    Be that as it may, does instructing really help in scoring brilliant stamps in serious assessments, for example, IAS Foundation course? The react to this is yes. In the time of ferocious rivalry, self-study isn't the genuine method to prepare for the test. Understudies ought to require legitimate direction and an exhaustive insightful of noteworthy subjects, assessment designs, and simple approaches to fathoming arithmetical and expository inquiries to score well in the assessment. This is the place Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur assumes a critical job in helping understudies to score well in the IAS Foundation course exam.

    Getting ready for IAS Foundation course is hard, yet in the event that you have appropriate help, study material and inspirational feeling, at that point you can do it without any problem. Besides, the researcher ought to focus on self-concentrate too. Here you should realize what kind of criteria you should find in IAS coaching. To best get ready for this exam, take a stab at looking for confirmation in Best IAS coaching in Jaipur.

    Here's the way it can help you best plan from the examination:

    Make known with IAS and Systematic way:

     If you are going to look in IAS just because, proficient direction will help you to make sense of the readiness course game plan. The authority experts at IAS coaching focuses demonstrate an efficient way to arrange well for the test. They lead you on what to consider what not and furthermore make you aware of study zones that are progressively critical about IAS preparation.

    Thinking Beyond:

     The amazingly qualified and experience educators at the IAS Coaching focuses, train the mind of the understudies and permit them to think past the justifiable. Self-study can give you gigantic nature on the critical subjects, yet separated the knowledge based-preparing that you'll get at coaching focuses is farther than standard.

    Inconvenience shooter:

     When you are stuck at different point, on a few inquiries or are not able to explain your uncertainty, the expert direction and clarification help you to clear these mists. It doesn't just spare your time yet in addition offer you snappy tips to fathom all the more such issues effortlessly.


    Focus and Motivation:

     The instructors at the instructing focus keep you caution and keep you persuaded toward the preparation. They bring instances of accomplishment and continue sharing mantras that revive your psyche and make your capacity level go up.

    coaching classes help you to perceive the example of the test and offer remarkable learning environment which a self-study couldn't offer. As referenced above, Jaipur has many top IAS  Coaching classes, so it is reasonable to choose the correct foundation. Try not to take the decision in scramble. Do a cautious establishing on coaching classes open in the region. Converse with understudies who are as of now concentrating in the association about the nature of preparing that is on offer and how satisfied they are and settle on the choice reasonably.

    In any case, on the off chance that you have resolved to make a way to find a most unmistakable line of work in India, at that point nobody can stop, however you should never surrender and get fitting preparing from the Shikhhar IAS Academy  which is a popular IAS Coaching in Jaipur.


    Apr 02, 2020

    This article is all about how we have principles of Public Service Administration been imposed to positively  each of the following fields: Education, healthcare, community development, transportation, law and environment policy.

    Public Administration is unique, it is combination of political science and management. Public Administration varies from political theory in its accentuation on bureaucratic structure and conduct and in its techniques. Public  Administration varies from the board in that the evaluative procedures utilized by non-benefit open associations are not equivalent to those utilized by benefit looking for associations are impressively less obliged in considering the open enthusiasm for their dynamic structure and in the conduct of their overseers.

    The more significant qualities of Public Administration might be motioned under the accompanying headings, of which some of are not really selective to the open field and others might be available just under states of regulatory productivity


    Awareness of Community Service

    Consistency of Treatment


    Open Responsibility

    Open Information

    Huge scope association

    Some other key principle is:

    Reliability and predictability:

    This rule pronounces that all together for the administration activity in type of administrations or practice to be considered as agreeable it must be dependable by being comprised and precise in meeting the potential requirements for which it was expected for. The administration projects should be unsurprising a factor that must be accomplished through comprised exertion whereby the administration organizations accountable for the projects don't change in executing their obligations in an orderly way. On a similar note the projects executed by the administration to serve the requirements of open ought to have legitimate conviction or legal security.

    Openness and transparency

    The administration serves the general public through duty demands and different traditions applied on them through included expenses. Consequently, the legislature should administer the acquired assets, design and assign them to different open projects so as to fulfill the open needs better. People in general knows that the administration gets its assets from their assets, so it turns out to be progressively significant for the general population to know digger the legislature is utilizing their assets to support open projects.


    Employees must obey and respect the rules and regulations which governs the organization.

  • How to Remove Nervousness and Fear of UPSC Exam

    Mar 31, 2020

    If, are preparing for UPSC exam and fear of failure and success then you have to get out of it for the success of best result in the UPSC exam. If you keep yourself filled with fear of failure Success become more difficult to achieve the goals. IAS coaching in jaipur (shikhhar IAS Academy ) can help you to get out of such troubles like fear of failure. Shikhhar IAS Academy Best coaching for IAS encourage students for success and it is very easy task for our Shikhhar IAS Experts. Our IAS Foundation Course at shikhhar IAS academy will help IAS Aspirants to overcome their fear of failure.

    Regular Preparation and Practice of UPSC Civil service Exam

    Insecurity of failure only approaches us when we are not prepared for the exam. Might be possible that you have some week points. Shikhhar IAS Academy will help you to overcome this failure and making a habit of regular studies. So you are taking the help of our experts and getting good score in the exam. UPSC Coaching in Jaipur also focus on this field of working daily for the IAS Exam Preparation.

    Give First Priority to the Subjects in which you are deficient with regards to Expertise

    In Certain subjects students are not that much expert. But IAS coaching in Jaipur Shikhhar IAS will help you to teach those subjects. We will guide students have a poor command must be given more time and guide you more correctly.

    Make your Strengths progressively Perfect to Score well in that field

    Aside from giving high time in the subjects in whom you have feeble idea lucidity it is similarly essential to build score in your qualities. Best IAS Coachingin Jaipur at Shikhhar IAS is giving the two establishments just as Crash Courses on IAS for by and large planning of the test which help to understudies in both the undertakings of feeble and solid subjects.

    Try not to Allow the Negative Marks to Block Success

    Now and then negative feelings cause us so negative that we to don't get ready to choose in what bearing we have to move our planning. Under such conditions it is critical to converse with your folks and relatives. You can likewise experience an advising meeting from the accomplished individuals at Shikhhar IAS Academy .

  • Duties of An IAS Officer

    Mar 28, 2020

    IAS officers selection in the UPSC Civil Services exam is most difficult so becoming an IAS officer is very difficult. Sikhhar IAS academy jaipur given best coaching for IAS in Jaipur to IAS aspirants and prepared them to crack this exam to become  good IAS officer of the nation. The duty of an IAS officer is very hard they faces many up and downs during the duties i different areas of the district. The individuals who have picked up achievement in the renowned common administrations test of UPSC need to confer the accompanying jobs for their obligation as an IAS official.

    Deal with the Administration of the District

    The organization of the locale of the region given to an IAS official has overseen him with full viability. Any error in the administration can raise certain questions towards the best possible release of an IAS official obligation. The organization includes all the significant areas like wellbeing, correspondence, transportation, instruction, and business. Those individuals who need to accomplish something for the country in improvement concern can understand their fantasy by turning into an IAS official as it gives a tremendous and massive open door alongside power.

    In the event that you are getting ready for the common administrations test and need assistance to split assistance simply join the establishment courses for IAS in Jaipur given by the lofty foundation that is Shikhhar IAS Academy. All the subjects are secured by the best skilled and experienced instructors in the training institute. We develop your prosperity multiple times to guarantee by looking for help in IAS training focuses of Jaipur. A great deal of time could likewise be spared by this move of the understudies which they can use for considering different subjects.

    To Check Illegal Activities of the Area       

    Criminal operations like human dealing, sedate stock, liquor business and crime to ladies are additionally checked by the IAS official of that particular zone. Certain techniques are surrounded to ensure all is well in the territory by IAS officials. Wannabes who are dreaming to be the IAS official to give their obligations against debasement and other social issues like ladies misuse can get ready under the direction help of shikhhar IAS Academy in Jaipur best coaching for IAS. Truly dependable separate IAS classes for Hindi and English medium are given to the understudies here.

    Understudies who are not fresher but rather repeaters who have just finished with their establishment seminar on common administrations can join different courses which are offered by the IAS instructing focuses in Jaipur. These courses resemble common administrations intense training classes to the understudies of IAS.

    Have an Involvement in the Recruitment Process of Certain Vacancies

    Enlistment board is likewise managed by the IAS specialists of the zone. It ensures that everything with respect to the lead of test and meeting goes easily. That is the reason IAS officials continue taking the updates of enlistment in different fields.

    As a Role Model for the People of Area

    An IAS officer is like a role model for people of the area city or district. If he behaves in a certain manner is followed by common people of the area. For example, if an IAS officer keeps his area clean the other public will also follow him or her. An IAS officer must be honest.

  • UPSC- IAS coaching in Jaipur

    Mar 25, 2020

    Shikhhar IAS Academy is the known best IAS Coaching in Jaipur. Best UPSC coaching in Jaipur offers professional coaching through the classroom teaching conduct by highly trained and expert faculty our faculty and staff support to eedy students and helps to make their future bright as IAS Officer. Every year thousands of students try their luck in IAS examination but without good teachers and mentors to clear IAS is more difficult for ever aspirants with good guidance and knowledge, good mentors help students learn fast and succeed in the era of this competition. Lets take a step towards your dream come true to be an IAS officer.

    Courses conducted by Shikhhar IAS

    IAS Foundation Course

    RAS Foundation Course

    IAS, RAS mains

    IAS, RAS Test Series

    IAS Foundation course:

    it’s a 2 years of course where we complete IAS syllabus with 2 revisions. Complete coverage of NCERT books. 100%  syllabus coverage of prelims and Mains. We are also conduct mock test paper for all the enrolled students at both level prelims and mains. All enrolled member get monthly magazine free of cost with this all enrolled students get free access of online coaching at Shikhhar IAS Academy. Our experts will guide you till the exam and help you to crack the exam.

    RAS Foundation Course:

    There are regular batches in Jaipur for this course. It is a 9 month course, where in we complete syllabus with one revision. And you can fully prepare yourself for upcoming RAS exam. You will also have schedule and surprise test regularly. Useful notes will provide to you and notes will very helpful to you for RAS exam. If you are planning to make your career in RAS then Shikhhar IAS is best starting point for you.

    IAS, RAS mains

    Shikhhar IAS Academy conduct IAS Courses for prelims ad mains. Comprehensive Premium Test Series of 25 days in which entire syllabus is covered.

    New batches starts for IAS and RAS mains. Courses are designed through written part of Civil service exam. We help you to develop good writing skills with selective studies.

    All Information about the new batches are updated on website.

    You can also check our facebook page:



  • Best IAS and RAS Coaching in Jaipur

    Mar 23, 2020

    We are the best every coaching institute is saying this but is it true? We will not saying this we will say ask our students and our rank holders they will tell you what we are? Where we are stand? They will say that we are the best IAS and RAS coaching in Jaipur. Teaching techniques of Shikhhar IAS Academy is best and unique and method of teaching keeps students always attentive in class. At shikhhar IAS academy we develop learning skills among the students. Shikhhar IAS academy is best coaching for IAS and RAS. It is truly said that “when you wake up then morning”, so join shikhhar IAS Academy Courses now and achieve yours goals.

    Civil Services exams are competitive in nature and its procedure is also long and candidate has to pass before finally selected. It requires hard preparation and hard work to crack this exam. Shikhhar IAS Academy provides all round personality development thus making success. Visit us and make a first step towards your bright future by selection in IAS and RAS exam.

    At Shikhhar IAS Academy we organize regular classes for IAS and RAS exam. We have two types of Foundation Courses namely IAS Foundation Course and RAS Foundation Course. We help you to start your preparation from ground level. After completion of courses you have full knowledge and confidence. Knowledge and confidence is the two essential elements which are very necessary to success in competitive exam. Shikhhar IAS Academy also organizes class room test series and online test series in IAS and RAS exams.

    Let’s take a step towards make your dream true:

    Here are the helping tips to guide IAS and RAS aspirants ad how to handle situation wisely. Here is the one important factor that how you are planning your exam Preparation?

    Civil services examination needs a total attention and proper care towards the exam.

    Some features:

    Experienced Faculty:

    Best teaching and experienced faculty provide you  best guidance towards success of IAS and RAS exam. Shikhhar IAS Academy have best teaching faculty to guide you and they will provide you best motivation tips for examination how to stay positive during exam time, how to start work hard and  etc. so a best teacher will help you to guide you and make your dreams true.

    Personal attention

    Our teachers give personal attention to every students and we conduct a extra class for all doubt session where students can clear all their doubts.

     Best study material for IAS

    Shikhhar IAS Academy provides you best ad quality study material for IAS aspirants. Study material is easy to understand and qualitative also.


    Shikhhar IAS Academy conducts various seminars and toppers classes for IAS aspirants.  They will guide our students and helps to improve IAS aspirants knowledge.

  • How to make Civil Service Journey meaningful

    Mar 20, 2020

    Civil Services examination is one of the most prestigious competitive exam in India conducted by UPSC. Exams are Conducted by UPSC are IAS, IFS, IPS with many other services. This exam ios conducted by UPSC in three Phases-

    1. Prelim Exam
    2. Mains Exam
    3. Interview

    Prelim Exam:

    Exam Time: May/June

    Result Time: August and September

    Exam Pattern: Objective Type Two paper

    Mains Exam:

    Exam Time: October/November

    Result Time: January next year

    Exam Pattern: Nine papers subjective type

    After main exam Interview is announced.

    Civil Service Exam arrangement is one of long excursion secured by any thoughtful assistance aspirantor competitor. Around 9,00,000 to 10,00,000 applicants apply each year and 5,50,000 competitors take an interest in the primer assessment. Last choice occurs for just 750-1200 competitors out of this.

    Seeing this number, we are basically certain that chosen applicant has an intense nut to separate. On the off chance that you consider the time range of applying for the test and partaking in each test till conclusive determination which is itself 1, 2-year venture. We didn't consider when you began getting ready for the test which might be distinctive for each competitor yet we as a whole realize that it would be long excursion brimming with difficult work and sheer assurance.

    Things being what they are, how to make this long excursion significant? There are numerous approaches to do as such however consider following procedures which have been conceived after a lot of thought and research –

    At some point venture is a higher priority than goal however not in all cases yet we need to ensure that at whatever point we are taking any excursion whether we reach at goal or not, subsequent to wandering out of that way or excursion we ought to be better and increasingly proficient as an individual contrasted with when we began that venture.


    Eat Healthy:

    Eat when you are ravenous, never eat excessively, stop when your inward voice says it's sufficient. Less sugar, more measure of protein and starch, more organic products, drink part of water. Recollect the way that your brain which will assist you with cracking the assessment sits inside your body so you ought to give legitimate stock to it keep sound.


    30-45 minutes of every day practice is must, it will supply legitimate oxygen to your psyche and will keep it crisp brain. In the event that you are not practice material, at that point 30-40 minutes of running or energetic strolling can work wonder. Primary concern is to keep your brain new with oxygen supply on the grounds that new psyche can do ponders for you.

    Rest Properly:

    Try not to slaughter yourself by denying your body with sufficient rest. Each individual should take at any rate 7-8 hours of sound rest, it will revive your psyche and body both on consistent schedule. Note that you despite everything have sufficient opportunity to examine and prevail in a day!!

    Study with Strategy:

    There ought to be some technique which ought to be the main impetus of your examination. Techniques you study, make an examination plan, contribute some time on the procedure and plan think more enthusiastically and once finished, adhere to that arrangement. You ought to have day by day and week after week focus on that you have to close these sections in a day or week. Strikeout that part or subject once finished.

    • Study plan
    • Study Strategy
    • Every day/week after week Target
    • Enjoy an ordinary reprieve between your examinations
    • Drink water
    • Save 1 hour every day for time pass (staring at the TV arrangement, Chit visit with companions)
    • Without plan and technique nobody can get effective or you won't have the option to understand your objectives without these.

    In the event that you actualize every one of these things in your day by day schedule or make it a training or make it part of your life, at that point nothing can stop you to break the test. Regardless of whether you are not ready to break or get the wished rank, you would be vastly improved individual than before and will be fruitful in anything you need to seek after in your life.

  • Negative Marking in UPSC Prelims Exam

    Mar 19, 2020

    Negative marking first introduced in the UPSC prelims in 2007. After that many time exam pattern change but negative marking has been remain same. UPSC Civil services exam paper pattern:

    1. General Awareness: 100 Questions for 200 Marks
    2. General studies paper (CSAT): 80 Questions for 200 Marks.

    In prelims exam IAS aspirants need to secure Minimum 33% marks in CSAT paper. Only when GS paper will evaluated. Qualifying marks is based on a cut off marks declared by the UPSC.

    You need to avoid negative marks in UPSC Exam. If you avoid negative marks in UPSC prelim then you will able to score good marks in UPSC Prelims. In this article we will describe you how to avoid negative marking in UPSC prelim exam and how to focus on questions and maximize the score.

    Negative marking: there are two hours paper in UPSC prelims. Both paper contain MCQs. There are four choice for a question and one is answer. 1/3 marks will be cut for each wrong answer.

    Tips to avoid negative marking

    • Firstly finish all the question in which you are 100% sure.
    • Next, go to those questions where you can eliminate out 2 wrong options. Thusly, your odds of finding the correct solution is half in every one of these options. Assume, for a question, you realize that the right answer is either (a) or (b). On the off chance that your reasoning slopes more towards (an), at that point mark with a pencil gently '1' alongside (a). What's more, mark '2' alongside (b). In the event that you think you are harping more on this options, leave it subsequent to checking '1' and '2'.
    • Thirdly, leave each one of those options where you have no notion with regards to the correct answer. Presently, go to the options where you stamped '1' and '2' close to them. On the off chance that you don't have adequate time, mark the last answer as the decision close to which you checked '1'. Remember to eradicate '2'. What's more, on the off chance that you have the opportunity, think and break down your answer decision and imprint the appropriate response. Recollect you are not fiercely speculating right now, are facing a determined challenge.
    • After this, in the event that you despite everything have time left, re-read each one of those inquiries whose answers you had no clue about. In the event that you get a thought, utilize stage 2. On the off chance that you don't get any brainwave with regards to the correct answer, your final hotel is making an estimate. In any case, guarantee that the quantity of inquiries for which you make certain of the appropriate response far surpasses the quantity of inquiries that you don't have the foggiest idea. This is a passing paper and you can take somewhat of a risk.

    Things to recall

    • Imprint your answers appropriately. Make a point to eradicate any pencil checks totally.
    • On the off chance that you mark two answers and one of them is the right decision, you will at present be granted negative imprints for wrong answers.
    • On the off chance that you don't stamp any answer, you won't be punished any imprints in UPSC Prelims.
    • Recall that nothing beats right groundwork for the Civil Services Exam. In the event that you get ready with a reasonable arrangement and reason, with the correct material, you need not stress a lot over negative stamping in UPSC Prelims. Comprehend the prospectus of Prelims and study in like manner to expand your score and become an IAS official.
  • Stress Busting tips from Shikhhar IAS Academy

    Mar 18, 2020

    “Indian Administrative Services- a platform where you find Number of opportunities”. Do you know the syllabus and eligibility criterion of the IAS exam. IAS Exam Preparation is not easy IAS exam preparation put a lot of pressure on aspirants. You have to be prepared for it mentally and physically also.

    In this article we provide you tips for keep stress out and how to bust stress during IAS exam preparation. In this Article we provide you to how to manage stress when you are preparing for the civil services exam.

    Follow these tips for better result:

     Regular exercise will keep you healthy:

    Do regular exercise because healthy body healthy brain. Do some hours physical activities would be great for IAS Aspirant. Its advice to keep your body fit and healthy. Exercise brings more energy into your daily routine. It could be an aerobics, a walk in park, yoga and meditation also helps to relax your body and mind. These activities improve alertness of your body and keeps you active.

    Take healthy diet plan:

    Regular and balance diet is very necessary for healthy mind. You need both mental and physical strength for IAS exam preparation. So a balance diet will help you to keep you energetic and keep your stress level away. Healthy diet will help you to keep physically fit.

    Take 6-7 Hour sleep:

    A proper sleep keep you stress free, healthy and energetic. So 6-7 hours restful sleep is very necessary. Make a daily routine chart and follow it during IAS exam preparation. If you did not take a proper sleep then your mind is not work properly and you feel low so it is very necessary to take a proper sleep.

    Maintain a balanced lifestyle:

    Maintain a daily routine chart and follow it regular basis. Because a balanced lifestyle keep you healthy and more focused on your study. IAS Exam Preparation process is very long and time consuming. So it does not means that you forget your life. In this stage you have to balance between a personal and career goals.

    Avoid Daytime naps:

    If you sleeping during daytime then your nighttime sleep is completely affected which impact negatively on your energy and study also. So always avoid day time sleep.

    Other tips

    Sit straight while studying

    Do not lie down on bed while studying

    Watch videos for change

    When you feel bored then change subject or topic

    Set your intervals

    Change positions while studying

    Don’t keep your eyes too close to your books.

  • How should I stay motivated for IAS Exam?

    Mar 17, 2020

    Civil Services exam is one of the toughest exam in the world. So it takes determination of the success in the IAS Exam. For IAS student reason to work hard is getting Reward of IAS Officer. During the preparation stage for this test, he faces such huge numbers of superfluous variables which keeps him spurring and demotivating. Be that as it may, a definitive point of getting into IAS, from a certain point of view, should keep his inspiration levels high. Yet, this seldom occurs.

    There is a purpose behind this. While getting ready for this test, numerous wannabes invest the majority of their energy fantasizing. Not long before nodding off, hours are spent on envisioning different jobs you could play to spare the nonexistent locale as DM or attempting to envision yourself as turning into a superstar in your town and family, or by garnish the test, in the nation.

    Dreaming is definitely not an awful thing. In any case, you ought to comprehend that wandering off in fantasy land or letting your minds go out of control will inspire you immediately. This kind of inspiration flames out soon. That is the reason, you continue wandering off in fantasy land over and over – to make the bogus idea of inspiration to keep you moving.

    To succeed you need inspiration. Your own activities will drag out the desperate of your inspiration, no incidental components.

    In the event that you were thinking the example of overcoming adversity of a topper, or a neighbor, brings you inspiration, at that point you are incorrect. You will be propelled for quite a while yet following a night's decent rest, another day and new issues first light upon you, making you less enlivened by the story you had perused a day prior.

    Obviously there is no denying the way that couple of examples of overcoming adversity push you to accomplish certain things throughout everyday life, you will be started up to accomplish the equivalent or better the record. Be that as it may, this lone encourages you recollect your objective. It generally doesn't assist you with finding a good pace going.

    Things being what they are, how to continue inspiration during your whole test readiness?

    First thing you ought to do is expelling all weights from your head. Become autonomous totally, from contemplations of fulfilling guardians, vindicating the ex/sweetheart, turning into a neighborhood big name, sparing India from the degenerate, and critically from the musings of increasing immense notoriety in the general public.

    Get ready for this test maintaining your emphasis on Today. Rundown the things you need to do today and finish those things. On the off chance that you are getting ready for Prelims, let the emphasis be on it. Not upon the arrival of conclusive outcome where you are giving TV interviews.

    Second, discover a reason. Indeed, you need to be an IAS official, yet to get ready well today, this isn't the reason. On the off chance that you are planning for Main test, at that point your motivation will be to make notes, or to unravel past inquiry papers.

    How to stay motivated During IAS EXAM Preparation?

    Be your own inspiration

    An obscure statement says, "Propel yourself in light of the fact that, nobody else will do it for you." This statement is spot on. The objective is yours, so should be the endeavors. Let yourself know, nobody is going to read for you. To accomplish your objective you should buck up and back yourselves. Try not to sit tight for outside improvements. Quit delaying.

    Separate it

    On the off chance that desires wear you out, the most ideal approach to manage it is to separate it. Have smaller than normal targets and endeavor to accomplish them. In addition to the fact that it makes your work less startling, it likewise makes it look progressively reachable.

    Do what you appreciate

    For what reason do the majority of us love watching motion pictures? It is on the grounds that we appreciate them. Keep in mind, it can even be an unbearable procedure to bear a terrible film. Something very similar goes with considering. In the event that we appreciate examining, it turns out to be not so much work but rather more something to be delighted in. Pick subjects that you are really intrigued by. Create enthusiasm about themes that you know nothing about. Be interested to learn. Treat concentrates as a chance to learn and not as an errand. Interest can be an incredible inspiration to prop you up.

    Weariness slaughters your inspiration

    Comprehend what themes bore you and have a go at learning those parts by an alternate strategy. Be inventive while managing these subjects. Rather than books, have a go at watching recordings. Take a stab at showing these subjects to a group of people. Recall you will experience subjects that drag you as the UPSC schedule is tremendous. Yet, you can get past them by these creative techniques. Try not to let uninteresting subjects bring down your inspiration for the IAS tests.

    Reveal to yourself your qualities

    Ordinarily over the span of your common administrations planning, you will feel that you are not ready. The UPSC test study can take a year, and it is normal to feel somewhat low on occasion. At these occasions, help yourself to remember your qualities. In the event that you are acceptable in science however week in English, let yourself know – 'I am a decent mathematician. I can manage English as well.'

    Record your advancement

    Routinely record your advancement. In the event that you are feeling sad, experience this graph. You will like what you have accomplished and get that lift required to proceed onward.

    Have a break!

    It isn't human to go on without breaks. A decent break can revive your body and brain. A difference in scene can likewise give you a crisp viewpoint, along these lines offering you better thoughts and pointers for your responses.


    Envision obstacles

    Try not to get demotivated when you see an obstacle. There is no race without obstacles. The fruitful individual isn't somebody who didn't confront any deterrents yet the person who confronted snags and defeated them.

    The correct Environment

    Getting ready for the IAS tests would mean sitting for extended periods of time in your examination room. Guarantee that your room is perky and clean. Having the right 'state of mind' to consider goes far in looking after inspiration. Have appropriate lighting and happy with seating. Have an image of your symbol or a moving saying on the divider or study table. Likewise read |UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation: How to upgrade your examination for extended periods of time?

    Be Healthy

    You can't be persuaded except if you are solid. Have a sound eating regimen and standard exercise to be fit and fine.


    Envisioning yourself as a top government employee can do some incredible things in the event that you are not feeling roused. In any case, abstain from wandering off in fantasy land.

    Avoid critics

    Dodge any pessimistic individuals – individuals who continually put you down or the individuals who question you. Simply don't associate with them. Their pessimism can come off on you.


    Appreciation gives bliss which thus is a help. Be thankful for your endowments and offer thanks to the individuals who bolster you.

    Get inspired from different greats

    In the case of nothing works, submit a general direction to greats – your preferred business person or sports symbol or even past common assistance toppers. Observe what they did or said.

  • Why choose IAS as Your Dream Career?

    Mar 16, 2020

    At the point when the main trip of your examinations which contains school instruction is finished, you arrive at the arrival which prompts the following trip of studies. In any case, at this arrival, you should settle on a conspicuous choice which will choose which trip of steps you pick straightaway. Furthermore, the alternatives are many. However, the choice is just one! You should focus in on a vocation decision which will choose how your future will be formed. Henceforth, settling on the correct decision matters most importantly at this stage.

    With regards to profession decisions, Civil Service is constantly touted as perhaps the best decision ever. This is one reason why an ever increasing number of understudies are watching out for the best polite help instructing focuses close to their region. As yet asking why Civil Service is favored as a fantasy vocation?

    Here are the reasons:

    Who wouldn't love to hold a position which is turned upward by the whole country? The position and force you get with a vocation in Civil Service is unequaled. Likewise, this is one of the most regarded vocations ever in the entire nation. Let us let it be known! Who wouldn't love to luxuriate in the brilliance of power and pride in the boundless consideration that we get? This is without a doubt one reason why great IAS Coaching Center in Jaipur are popular.

    Additionally, it allows you to realize a change to the general public. You can utilize your power to realize positive changes you had consistently wanted. An opportunity to eradicate debasement and guarantee that equity is served to all! Isn't it a once in a blue moon opportunity to be used well?

    Civil Service Coaching Centers Vouch on The Job Security Offered By IAS

    Any individual who is watching out for a profession would in a perfect world be likewise searching for an occupation that extends employment opportunity security. Being in an unsteady vocation can remove your significant serenity, particularly when you choose to get settled. Common assistance is one of those professions that extend to you solid employment opportunity security that you can generally depend on. It additionally gives you a monstrous activity fulfillment as you get that satisfied sentiment of at long last having the option to accomplish something advantageous for society.

    Every one of these years you had been a negligible onlooker viewing the barbarities looked by the general public. Presently, you get an opportunity to address it and roll out an improvement to it. Thus, the feeling of fulfillment that joins it is unparalleled.

    A Challenging Career For The Ambitious You! Pick the Top Civil Service Coaching In Jaipur

    As a youthful and aggressive person, why pick a profession that doesn't offer a lot of difficulties? A typical 9 to 5 occupation can end up being an ordinary activity absent a lot of chances or difficulties. Gradually, you will begin getting exhausted with life. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you pick Civil Service, you should confront difficulties consistently. More up to date issues will manifest and how you handle it will be critical. Subsequently, it is the correct stage for sprouting youths who wish to take up difficulties and rise triumphantly.

  • Best RAS Coaching in Jaipur

    Mar 11, 2020

    Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS): RPSC Every Year conduct one of the prestigious and competitive exam in Rajasthan named RAS. RAS Syllabus is huge this is one of the tough exam in Rajasthan. So it required a lot of guidance and practice and study.

    The Recruitment to the services is annual basis. This recruitment procedure for the state cadre officers of Rajasthan. This is RAS Civil Services exam held in Rajasthan. The RAS officers hold various posts at sub district level and delivering various government services. We at Shikhhar IAS Academy help you to guide and motive. Shikhhar IAS Academy is known for best coaching for IAS and RAS. The reason behind best IAS and RAS Coaching is Given Below:

    Best Teaching Faculty:                       

    Shikhhar IAS academy have best teaching faculty. Teaching faculty have more than 10 years of experience so they are well known about the exam pattern and tricks. They will guide you at their best. It is very important that faculty is proper experienced so you are the right place. Shikhhar’s staff is also cooperative and supportive towards students.

    Environment: shikhhar IAS Academy is best for teaching environment and the environment is competitive so aspirants prepare for the exam dedicated and hard.  

    Every Week Doubt clearing session:

    We conduct a doubt clearing session every week where students can ask his/her queries and clear their doubts. Our faculty pay same attention on every student and clear all the doubts of students.

    Weekly objective and Subjective Test:

    Shikhhar IAS Academy conduct a test for IAS and RAS aspirants weekly. So students are know the pattern of the exam and prepare well. It will enhance student’s knowledge and increase learning.

    Current affairs Class:

    Current affairs are very important factor for clearing any competitive exam. So shikhhar IAS academy prepare their students for current affairs also. Weekly current affair class is conducted by us and faculty is very experienced.

    Study Material:

    Study material provided by us is qualitative. It is very important for a student that he read quality books. Because if you get success in RAS Exam Books play a very important role in that. Quality of book increase your knowledge also.

    Test Series:

    We provide test series for our students and test series are help you to know the exam pattern.

    Interview Guidance program:

    We conduct interview guidance program for RAS Aspirants. So all the students are prepare for the interview.

    True said “it’s never too late to start”

    So Join Shikhhar IAS Academy for the best Coaching for IAS and RAS. If you are dreaming to get success in RAS Exam than you surly join shikhhar ias academy.

    Contact Us: 2nd Floor,Plot No 06,Surya Nagar, Ridhi Siddhi Circle, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

    Call Us: 073002 21186



  • Best UPSC Coaching in Jaipur

    Mar 06, 2020

    Best UPSC Coaching in Jaipur. Joining a coaching institute helps to improve your chances of Success of any Exam. IAS is a Center level exam for IAS Exam Preparation We need to select best UPSC Coaching center because the level of competition is tough for the clearing the exam we work hard.

    Best coaching for UPSC exam can enhance the chances of get success in the exam. So before joining any IAS Coaching Institute Make sure that is best or not.

    Best UPSC Coaching based on these factors: Teaching Faculty, Class Room Environment, Study material, Courses fees and distance from your living place. Before joining any UPSC Coaching Institute you should firstly check all these factors.

    Being in competition you need resources, study material, proper guidance and much more which is possible for UPSC Coaching in Jaipur.

    A best coaching institute can guide aspirants in the right direction, whether it is selecting an optional subject or making IAS preparation Plan, or writing answer or test series. There are various coaching centers across the country, so it is very important to choose the one that gives the right guidance and provide Best Coaching for UPSC.

    Shikhhar IAS Academy is the Hub of UPSC Coaching so I recommend you to join Shikhhar IAS Academy. Shikhhar IAS Academy provide you best teaching environment and experienced Teaching faculty. Faculty have experienced of more than 10 years of experience. The teaching faculty guide you properly. Academy provide best study material and teaching notes. Our Faculty determined enough to help and guide aspirants who dream big.

    IAS exam is competitive in nature so it requires a right guidance.

    A best Coaching institute for IAS can make you time punctual and increase regularity.

    Regular classes makes you more focus towards IAS and motivate you.

    Experts coaching help you to get right track for IAS Exam Preparation.

    A best coaching institute can higher the chances of the success.

    Parameters for the best UPSC Coaching:

    • A great team of experienced faculty.
    • Teaching process is skillful
    • Study material
    • Updated study material
    • Teachers are humble and supportive
    • Doubt Clearing sessions
    • Competitive environment
    • Result oriented

    Shikhhar IAS Academy follow all these parameters. Shikhhar IAS academy is result oriented coaching Institute in Jaipur.

  • Profession as an IAS Officer

    Mar 02, 2020

    The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a part of the Indian Civil Service. It is one of the head administrations of Government of India. In the wake of qualifying the obligatory selection tests, one turns into an IAS official and gets enlistment in the administration set up. IAS is one of the esteemed and famous career decisions among numerous applicants liking to make a profession in the administration part.

    What settles on it a well known Career decision is the way that alongside money related pay, the activity of an IAS official offers a few advantages and benefits that no other activity can offer. The job of an IAS official is to oversee different regulatory issues of the administration. The activity of an IAS official incorporates encircling arrangements and exhorting the clergymen on different issues, keeping up of lawfulness, administering the usage of approaches of State Government and Central Government, gathering incomes and capacity as courts in income matters, directing use of open assets according to standards of monetary appropriateness and taking care of the day by day issues of the administration, remembering surrounding and execution of strategy for meeting with the pastor answerable for the office concerned.

    Eligibility to become IAS Officer

    Getting into Indian Administrative Service and turning into an IAS official isn't simple as there is a great deal of rivalry included, be that as it may, one with a correct demeanor and approach can turn into an IAS official. For turning into an IAS official, an applicant must qualify UPSC common administrations test (UPSC CSE) that comprises of three phases – Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

    The following are the scholastic capabilities required for turning into an IAS official.

    Subject Combination-Candidates can pick any stream in XII.

    Test - UPSC Civil Services Exam (UPSC CSE)


    Applicants must hold a Bachelor's certificate in any stream from any perceived college.

    Applicants who have showed up for the last assessment and are anticipating results can likewise apply for the Preliminary Examination. In any case, one must create a proof of passing a four year certification to show up for the common administrations Main test. The degree must be appended with the application for the Main test.

    Up-and-comers having proficient and specialized capabilities perceived by the Government or its identical are additionally qualified to apply for IAS test.

    The base age required to show up for the IAS test is 21 years.

    Job Roles Types of IAS Officer

    The activity of an IAS official is one of the most desired occupations in India. Wannabes ready to make a profession as an IAS official can see the beneath IAS officials' activity profiles which is the sign of administration in India.

    Sub Divisional Officer: He/she is the responsible for different improvement exercises going on in the sub-division. The activity of the Sub Divisional Officer is to arrange crafted by different offices.

    Divisional Commissioner: The Divisional Commissioner is the organizer of all exercises associated with the general organization that incorporates lawfulness, income organization, and improvement organization at the divisional level. The Divisional Commissioner heads the income organization in his division and hears advances against the sets of District Collectors. He/she arranges and oversees crafted by all wings of open organization in his division.

    Area Magistrate/District Collector: The District Magistrate is answerable for running the organization of the locale easily and appropriately. He/she is the principle specialist for making the vital coordination of the official organizations working inside the region. As a Collector, he/she is liable for the assortment of income from the region.

    Boss Secretary: The Chief Secretary guarantees between departmental co-appointment. He/she is the administrator of coordination boards of trustees which are set okay with settling between departmental debates and furthermore exhorts the secretaries on between departmental troubles.

    Bureau Secretary: Cabinet Secretary goes about as the main organizer of the focal government. He/she goes about as a connection between the political framework and the common administrations of the nation. The obligation of a Cabinet Secretary incorporates checking and organizing exercises of different services and divisions.

    Opportunities for IAS Officer

    IAS official is an assorted career decision with a wide scope of chances to browse. For an IAS official, there are number of work openings. Being an IAS official, one can fill in as Personal Secretary to Ministers in Central Government. He/she can be delegated in self-sufficient associations subordinate associations, PSUs, United Nations Organizations, universal associations, similar to World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank which offers assignment opening to IAS officials for remote postings. IAS officials can likewise find the opportunity of working in the multilateral associations like WTO, Commonwealth, SAARC, International Court of Justice and so forth.

    Books & Study Material to Become IAS Officer

    Understudies invest gigantic energy getting ready for the UPSE CSE with an extreme expect to turn into an IAS official. In any case, just a couple can satisfy their fantasies. To turn into an IAS official, applicants should initially realize how to begin their IAS planning. To begin with IAS arrangement, there are the absolute best books and concentrate material that one can select to qualify the placement test:

    Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations by M. Laxmikanth (Polity)

    Oxford School Atlas by Oxford Publishers (Geography)

    Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Economy)

    India Year Book (Current Affairs)

    A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Modern India)

    General Studies Paper 2 Manual by MHE (CSAT)

    NCERT Books

    Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania (Culture)

  • Which are the best coaching centers for IAS in Jaipur?

    Feb 18, 2020

    IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur are for the most part that is required for any individual trying for the Civil Services Examination. Serving the country is a fantasy which all individuals will in general have in any event sooner or later in their life however through different methods yet not all really wind up living up their fantasy because of various reasons, relentless challenge being one of the chief. So as to adapt up to the expanding rivalry, you need assets, material, direction and much more which is conceivable with the Best Institutes for IAS Coaching in Jaipur. Hence, we have accumulated all the basics of the Top Coaching Institutes for IAS Training in Jaipur to enable you to out.

    Rau’s IAS Coaching Center


    'Insight without aspiration resembles a fledgling without wings'- in view of this idiom, Rau's IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur capacities to enable the understudies to fly high who have enormous dreams and are sufficiently resolved to satisfy them. A constant working and preparing plan is trailed by Rau's IAS Coaching Center in Jaipur which is extremely fundamental for the understudies so as to get ready by covering all circles for the Civil Services Examination. Accessibility of the ordinary (weekday) just as the end of the week bunches in both English and Hindi medium at Rau's IAS Coaching Institute is of advantage for a gigantic lump of the understudy populace.


    Shikhhar IAS Academy


    We are satisfied to invite you to shikhhar IAS ACADEMY. The Academy has developed as one of the front positioning learning plateform in Rajasthan inside a limited ability to focus time.


    We go along with you in your honorable decision and guarantee to help you in your undertaking for the accomplishment of your most loved dream. It is a tried and true Maxim that in any plan of productive endeavor for the serious assessments, the dynamic association of different contributions from workforce to realities, from material to approach, from inspiration to free thinker adventurism, from unobtrusive pounding to satiation can't be disregarded.


    Today, we perceive that verifying a decent position in common administrations test has become a harder undertaking with the developing quantities of showing up hopefuls consistently, particularly right now where each data is only a telephone away, we are experiencing an information surplus age. One of the most mixed up actuality is that data is the key thing which UPSC depends on, however actually in opposition to it.


    Predictable endeavors are made for getting refinement in everything that worries the greatest achievement rate in common administrations. Research and development are a portion of the top-most needs, since it is accepted that age of information advances us with freshness and engages every person to conquer outdated nature.


    shikhhar is that instruction platform which gives capable direction and mentorship of fruitful IAS hopefuls who know precisely what to browse this expanse of data. Our encouraging technique dependent on the logical instructional method depends on need of test and inclination of the competitor understudy. We chip away at inclination just as on disposition of hopefuls.


    We at the shikhhar IAS Academy know about the potential estimation of right instructional method as a methods for managing the understudy into right investigation propensities. The in manufactured profoundly compelling learning biological system for common administrations assessments created by our institute has end up being exceptionally powerful. At last, we guarantee you that SIA will keep on distinguishing the effective and potential quality in you and help as best the blossoming of lethargic virtuoso in you


    Be that as it may, since there is consistently scope for nonstop improvement in the excursion towards greatness, your important recommendations are requested.


    Contact No.: 7300221186

    Address: 2nd Floor, Plot No 06, Surya Nagar, Ridhi Siddhi Circle, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Jaipur

    Chanakya IAS Academy


    Developing as one of the most favored communities for achieving instructing to plan enemy the Civil Services Exam, Chanakya IAS Academy is a generally acclaimed IAS acclaimed Coaching Institute in Jaipur which instigates a learning and beneficial condition for the understudies. An All Around loaded library, simple to discover location, trained and prepared staff of Chanakya IAS Academy is the thing that makes its optimal for fiery planning. A one of a kind method for directing the classes which not exclusively is even more educational yet in addition assembles the enthusiasm of the understudies is competent at Chanakya IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur.

    Address: Above Harley Davidson Showroom, Sahakar Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan


    Vision IAS


    Vision IAS is another well Known name for giving IAS Coaching in Jaipur. Vision IAS has a kept up record of numerous understudies breaking the IAS test without a hitch. Separation learning, study hall instructing just as web based educating is accessible at Vision IAS Academy in Jaipur for understudy advantage with the goal that they get ready well and in this manner check out the Civil Services. You can examine any field which you feel like at Vision IAS. The plenteous accessibility of the assets and concentrate material for the understudies intending to show up for IAS test alongside commendable workforce which is there at your doorstep as and at whatever point you need makes Vision IAS a favored IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur for some individuals.

    Address: Trade Centre, Near JP, Lalkothi, Rajasthan


    KGS Institute


    The KSG IAS is notable for their work and the ideal stage for your UPSC readiness. They have confidence in giving you the best investigation condition so that at last you accomplish peak of your vocation.


    This Academy in Jaipur is consummate at their work and the workforce is incredible and especially reasonable.


    Right now rivalry, this establishment is here to give you numerous ways with the goal that you can without much of a stretch beat the race. For more check their site. KSG IAS is on fifth number in the rundown of best coaching in Jaipur for UPSC planning.

    Address: 404, Apex Tower, Lal Kothi, Tonk Road Jaipur Rajasthan 302015


    Jan 28, 2020

    Success doesn’t happen to you, you make it happen. It completely depends on your work ethics and your hard work. A successful person put themselves on top by doing hard work. Hard work is not only the factor which drives you on top but you have to start smart work. Because there is a major difference between hard work and smart work. Yes an unconditional hard work make you succeed but a little smart work and work with proper ethics make you perfect on that. A well said First work smart then work hard.

    Factors that necessary in IAS Exam Preparation

    There’s no such thing as an “overnight success.” True said you cannot achieve in one night you need to pay attention and following factors in your daily life which will become you succeed.

    Positive attitude in every phase of our life positive attitude is very necessary. Positive attitude make things happen. Positive attitude towards your study is very important factor because with the hard work positivity is very necessary. In every phase of your life you attitude must be positive. If you don’t do anything it doesn’t mean you cannot do it you must be positive and start working towards it. A hard work with hard work you make everything will be happened and get succeed.

    Reliable you must be always dedicated towards your work and your never give up. Always work with good thoughts and positive attitude. Any phase of this Preparation you never give up and start hard work towards it. In one time if you did not got succeed it doesn’t mean you give up word hard and make it happen. Everything takes time and happen on a perfect time. So don’t demotivate and continuous work towards your success.

    Ambition to succeed you have to be ambitious. You have to target your goals and start working to fulfill your goals. Success can be estimated in various manners, and a key qualification should be made among objective and abstract accomplishments. Target profession accomplishments are straightforwardly discernible, quantifiable, and undeniable by an unbiased outsider, while an emotional vocation is just experienced legitimately by the individual really occupied with that vocation.

    Skills forth factor of success is skill. Skill is the best possible method using that you can get success is simply is skill. Your degree of capacity in your field will decide the quality and amount of your outcomes. The better you get at what you do, the simpler it is for you to begin pushing ahead to get a specific degree of results.

    As you increment your aptitude, through investigation and experience, you show signs of improvement and better at doing the little things that speed up and consistency of your outcomes.

    Positive work attitude Positive work attitude is the best way to derive success in best possible way. A positive mental attitude is particularly a choice that you make. Keep in mind, you become what you do. In the event that you take part in similar exercises that constructive, sure, idealistic individuals take part in, you will in the end become one of them and carry on with your most ideal life.

    Anybody can stay positive when things are working out positively. It is your capacity to search for the positive qualities in each circumstance that you see positive and begin pushing ahead throughout everyday life.

  • IAS Success Story- Tina Dabi

    Jan 15, 2020

    Everybody knows very well that clearing UPSC Civil Services Exam is a challenging task. Passing marks is negligible but we do hear success story of IAS students every year. It is true to say that they are not quite the same as you and me? No, they are not, yet they have a bonus that separates them from the normal group. It is the will and the assurance to clear the UPSC tests at any cost that drives individuals like Tina Dabi to succeed.

    Who is Tina Dabi?

    From her childhood she is very intelligent and hard working girl. She is an extra ordinary girl she secured 100% marks in political studies and history in class 12th. She complete her graduation in Arts Stream from Shri Ram College of New Delhi in 2016. She passed IAS Exam in her first attempted Secured 52.49% marks. If you know her Success Story you will inspire of Your IAS Preparation exam. She is the first SC/ST women who secured first rank As a UPSC Topper. She desire to work for Empowerment of Women and after becoming IAS Officer she starts his works towards women Empowerment.

    IAS Success Story of Tina Dabi

    Tina Dabi is a simple Indian Girl that you and I relate easily. She is hard working girl and she is very intelligent student. With the proof of her Achievements. She complete her education from Shri Ram Women College New Delhi in 2016. And after that she starts preparing for Upsc Civil Services Exam. And she cleared it on First attempt. Tina Dabi holds a leading Role model to every Young women in India.

    Yet, at that point, this story is additionally about her mom Himali Kamble's choice, regardless of being a certified electrical architect, to put her own profession as an afterthought and give her girls the advantage of her "training and time… like a tapasya".

    The narrative of Tina Dabi is likewise one of profound and complex social change in India that has made her the first ever Dalit young lady to top the UPSC assessment. As Lok Sabha MP and ex-government employee Udit Raj tweeted, this "would not have been conceivable 40-50 years back".

    Tina's folks, both from the Engineering Services, don't talk much about this however are not trying to claim ignorance of the tremendousness of the accomplishment, either. They are certain that it is the empowering condition made over years, through ages of battle and coarseness, that made a Tina Dabi conceivable.

    Tina has opted the IAS, with Haryana as her unit inclination.


    “I opted for Haryana because it presents such an interesting example, where you have a lot of economic progress but when it comes to social indicators you are lagging behind, and that is a very big paradox.”

    An alumni in political theory from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, Tina went through a year going to training for the UPSC assessments, holding up until she arrived at the qualification age of 21.

    She read for 8 to 10 hours every day and gives the acknowledgment for her prosperity to "technique and arranging", setting accentuation on "having a calendar, week by week targets, and being restrained and centered".

    "You feel forlorn and you feel discouraged on the grounds that this is such a troublesome test. Different pieces of your life become nearly non-existent, so persistence I believe is additionally key."

  • Civil services coaching in Jaipur

    Jan 03, 2020

    Civil services exam is conducted by the UPSC. Provision regarding Article 315and 323. The article says that there shall be a Public Service commission for the Union and Public Services commission. 

    Civil Services exam students find need of someone experienced help who will properly guide them and teach them. Civil Services Coaching in Jaipur by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best place for learn. Shikhhar IAS will provide you proper guidance for IAS and RAS Coaching (Civil Services Exam). Shikhhar IAS will provide you tips of clearing IAS and RAS exam with the whole study materials and test classes. Shikhhar IAS Academy also prepare for current affairs and suggestion to choose Optional subject.

    UPSC pre exam Coaching

    UPSC written exam is conducted in two phase first is UPSC prelim and other one is UPSC Mains. For entering the mains exam you have to clear UPSC Prelim exam first. In UPSC prelim exam there are 100 Multiple Choice questions for 200 marks. And selection is based on cutoff marks. Once you cleared prelim exam you are eligible for UPSC mains.

    IAS Exam Coaching for prelim is contain all the sections that is current affairs, politics, Science, Tech and History. Shikhhar IAS Academy will help you to clear all the topics of these exams.

    Tips to choose Optional Subject

    Shikhhar IAS Academy will help you to choose Optional subject. Which subject you should choose and which subject is easy for you. Opting optional subject is not easy task because some subjects are more scoring and some subjects are less scoring so here we will help you to choose optional subjects. Student’s main target is to Scoring high marks and clear general studies paper.  Shikhhar IAS Academy is best Coaching Institute having all of the expertise.

    Importance of Civil Service Exam Preparation for Interview

    Once you have cleared Prelim and Mains of UPSC Civil Services exam you should prepare for UPSC Interview. UPSC Interview is the toughest Interview process. There are many student who get disappoint at this stage when they were not able to clear this interview process. The Journey of IAS interview is not completed in one or two month it takes time because the level of this exam is high. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best coaching for IAS to prepare students for IAS Interview. You can enhance your interview skills in Shikhhar IAS academy and prepare best for the IAS Exam Interview.

     Choose Best Institute for Civil Services Exam Coaching

    Selection of best coaching institute is very tough. Because all the institutes are promised to give their best results but it’s not possible. Before you join any Institute you should check that faculty is experienced or not they will properly guide you or not? Because Faculty pays a very important role. Check the number of students crack exam. Before joining any Institute Visit it and check they will provide all Study material for IAS Exam with mock test and test series. Second thing you should check is environment is good or not classrooms are fine or not?

    Once you satisfied at your end you can join that institute. Shikhhar IAS Academy is the place who fulfill all above requirements. So you can join us immediately.

    For more information Visit us:

    Contact Us:

    Mobile: 7300221186




  • New Year Resolution for IAS Aspirants

    Dec 26, 2019

    Civil services Exam is not easy which can be pass without any Resolution by the IAS aspirants. You have a lots of challenges at every step for the preparation to crack The IAS Exam. So be ready for all the challenges and work hard. New Year comes and you should prepare for the best this is your New Year resolution. And here I am sharing you these resolutions so you can increase chance of clearing IAS Exam and prepare well.

    Resolutions for IAS Aspirants to Crack IAS Exam

    Here are some New Year Resolution for the UPSC Aspirants to clear the exam. Here you following them with passion you can crack IAS Exam easily. Nobody can stop you from gaining success when you are honest towards your study.

    These New Year Resolution can boost your productivity and encourage you towards success and change your life.

    Be persistent: In this age of IAS Preparation, the most difficult thing is to be persistent. How distract via thousands of things like Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on. But if you think these are also productive you can make this productive.

    Stick to the syllabus: Focus on Civil service exam syllabus and study hard. Try to be punctual and pay attention on test series and online study material.

    Work Hard:  work hard stop making fun and desire to relax because it’s time to study. Do not lose your hope.

    Utilize your free time: If you are free travelling and going to somewhere read online study material of Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    Make Short Notes: make small comprehensive notes and read it on daily basis.

    Start Practicing mock Exam: mock test will help you more to clear any exam because it will disclose you to your exam pattern and you can easily find out your weak points and start practice for them.

    Read all NCERT Books: Read all NCERT Books and clear all your concepts. NCERT Books clears your basics and it is very necessary to clear basics for fight any exam.

    Improve Your Communication Skills: Communication skills is very important in IAS exam because interview of this exam is very hard and it demands a good communication skills. You have to develop your personality and communication skills.

    Positive thinking: Positive thinking is very necessary to clear any stage of exam be motivated and work hard.

    Practice Answer Writing: Good Writing skills are necessary to clear IAS Exam. Writing prove your thinking. And it helps you to clear written IAS Exam paper.

    If you are thinking to clear IAS exam you have to follow these points and make it your New Year Resolution. Shikhhar IAS will help you to clear IAS Exam we will provide online study material also and online notes and test series is also available on Shikhhar’s website please visit: it will helpful to you.

    Shikhhar will also provide you to study Material on YouTube please like and subscribe our channel and learn all the facts to clear IAS exam.

    Join Shikhhar IAS Coaching Institute Here you will guided by experienced faculty. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best place is to make your Dreams come True and Shikhhar will Help you to become IAS.

    Shikhhar IAS is Best Coaching for IAS in Jaipur because we provide best teaching faculty and best study environment.

    Shikhhariasacademy bestcoachingforIAS bestrascoaching RASFoundationCourse IASFoundationCourse IASPreparation UPSCcoaching

  • The best strategy to succeed in civil service exam

    Dec 20, 2019

    If you are preparing for UPSC Civil services exam then it is important to know that how to succeed in  Civil services exam in their first attempt, so follow these strategy for IAS exam to become successful in first attempt.

    Proper concentration of mind to improve your performance is very important. And it becomes more and more important for Civil services Exam. Reason behind this is the nature of the exam because the level of the exam is very tough and the length of syllabus is very long.  So concentration major factor of this.

    Tips for improve your concentration:

    • Presence of mind
    • At least 6-7 hour sleep
    • Do meditation regularly
    • Feel free from fear of exam
    • Positive environment condition
    • Keep study table clean
    • Set your goals and targets
    • Avoid negative things and people
    • Have faith in god and yourself

    Current Affair preparation For Civil Services Exam

    Current Affairs can play a vital role for civil services examination. Stay glued to current affairs. Read newspaper every day. Newspaper is best way to improve your current affairs.

    Keep Focus on Syllabus of Civil services Exam

    Your syllabus of UPSC Exam is connected to Newspaper articles, you can read it with the attention.

    And the syllabus is very lengthy and deep. And you have idea about current affairs and current issues. These are related to the syllabus and important part of the syllabus. Everyone is giving their best in exam. Self study is more important concern in UPSC exam. And make notes and read daily basis.

    Give mock test and take thousands of test series. It will help to crake Civil services exam.

    Tips for preparing Notes

    Next strategy to gain success in IAS exam is making notes of all your related subjects and important issues. Revise each and every notes and topics during preparation. Last month of the exam your notes is very helpful for you and you can revise all the syllabus and current issues.

    But make sure notes are simple and comprehensive manner. Easy to read and short points.

    Coaching for UPSC Civil services students

    Coaching of civil services is very important because it is best way for the guidance and you can take much more knowledge from it and have more and more study material for the preparation. Coaching center can enhance the chances of success and prepare you for the exam through best coaching institute Like SHIKHHAR IAS ACADEMY.

    Cover NCERT books and basic reading

    NCERT Books are very useful for civil services examinations. Make all NCERT books your best friend read all books and clear all your basics. NCERT book is very useful for clear your basics. Shikhhar IAS Academy will also help you to clear all your concepts and all your issues. Shikhhar is best education platform for IAS Exam coaching.

    For more information please visit our Academy:

    Address: 2nd Floor,Plot No 06,Surya Nagar, Ridhi Siddhi Circle, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

    Contact- us: 7300221186