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    Jan 28, 2020

    Success doesn’t happen to you, you make it happen. It completely depends on your work ethics and your hard work. A successful person put themselves on top by doing hard work. Hard work is not only the factor which drives you on top but you have to start smart work. Because there is a major difference between hard work and smart work. Yes an unconditional hard work make you succeed but a little smart work and work with proper ethics make you perfect on that. A well said First work smart then work hard.

    Factors that necessary in IAS Exam Preparation

    There’s no such thing as an “overnight success.” True said you cannot achieve in one night you need to pay attention and following factors in your daily life which will become you succeed.

    Positive attitude in every phase of our life positive attitude is very necessary. Positive attitude make things happen. Positive attitude towards your study is very important factor because with the hard work positivity is very necessary. In every phase of your life you attitude must be positive. If you don’t do anything it doesn’t mean you cannot do it you must be positive and start working towards it. A hard work with hard work you make everything will be happened and get succeed.

    Reliable you must be always dedicated towards your work and your never give up. Always work with good thoughts and positive attitude. Any phase of this Preparation you never give up and start hard work towards it. In one time if you did not got succeed it doesn’t mean you give up word hard and make it happen. Everything takes time and happen on a perfect time. So don’t demotivate and continuous work towards your success.

    Ambition to succeed you have to be ambitious. You have to target your goals and start working to fulfill your goals. Success can be estimated in various manners, and a key qualification should be made among objective and abstract accomplishments. Target profession accomplishments are straightforwardly discernible, quantifiable, and undeniable by an unbiased outsider, while an emotional vocation is just experienced legitimately by the individual really occupied with that vocation.

    Skills forth factor of success is skill. Skill is the best possible method using that you can get success is simply is skill. Your degree of capacity in your field will decide the quality and amount of your outcomes. The better you get at what you do, the simpler it is for you to begin pushing ahead to get a specific degree of results.

    As you increment your aptitude, through investigation and experience, you show signs of improvement and better at doing the little things that speed up and consistency of your outcomes.

    Positive work attitude Positive work attitude is the best way to derive success in best possible way. A positive mental attitude is particularly a choice that you make. Keep in mind, you become what you do. In the event that you take part in similar exercises that constructive, sure, idealistic individuals take part in, you will in the end become one of them and carry on with your most ideal life.

    Anybody can stay positive when things are working out positively. It is your capacity to search for the positive qualities in each circumstance that you see positive and begin pushing ahead throughout everyday life.

  • IAS Success Story- Tina Dabi

    Jan 15, 2020

    Everybody knows very well that clearing UPSC Civil Services Exam is a challenging task. Passing marks is negligible but we do hear success story of IAS students every year. It is true to say that they are not quite the same as you and me? No, they are not, yet they have a bonus that separates them from the normal group. It is the will and the assurance to clear the UPSC tests at any cost that drives individuals like Tina Dabi to succeed.

    Who is Tina Dabi?

    From her childhood she is very intelligent and hard working girl. She is an extra ordinary girl she secured 100% marks in political studies and history in class 12th. She complete her graduation in Arts Stream from Shri Ram College of New Delhi in 2016. She passed IAS Exam in her first attempted Secured 52.49% marks. If you know her Success Story you will inspire of Your IAS Preparation exam. She is the first SC/ST women who secured first rank As a UPSC Topper. She desire to work for Empowerment of Women and after becoming IAS Officer she starts his works towards women Empowerment.

    IAS Success Story of Tina Dabi

    Tina Dabi is a simple Indian Girl that you and I relate easily. She is hard working girl and she is very intelligent student. With the proof of her Achievements. She complete her education from Shri Ram Women College New Delhi in 2016. And after that she starts preparing for Upsc Civil Services Exam. And she cleared it on First attempt. Tina Dabi holds a leading Role model to every Young women in India.

    Yet, at that point, this story is additionally about her mom Himali Kamble's choice, regardless of being a certified electrical architect, to put her own profession as an afterthought and give her girls the advantage of her "training and time… like a tapasya".

    The narrative of Tina Dabi is likewise one of profound and complex social change in India that has made her the first ever Dalit young lady to top the UPSC assessment. As Lok Sabha MP and ex-government employee Udit Raj tweeted, this "would not have been conceivable 40-50 years back".

    Tina's folks, both from the Engineering Services, don't talk much about this however are not trying to claim ignorance of the tremendousness of the accomplishment, either. They are certain that it is the empowering condition made over years, through ages of battle and coarseness, that made a Tina Dabi conceivable.

    Tina has opted the IAS, with Haryana as her unit inclination.


    “I opted for Haryana because it presents such an interesting example, where you have a lot of economic progress but when it comes to social indicators you are lagging behind, and that is a very big paradox.”

    An alumni in political theory from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, Tina went through a year going to training for the UPSC assessments, holding up until she arrived at the qualification age of 21.

    She read for 8 to 10 hours every day and gives the acknowledgment for her prosperity to "technique and arranging", setting accentuation on "having a calendar, week by week targets, and being restrained and centered".

    "You feel forlorn and you feel discouraged on the grounds that this is such a troublesome test. Different pieces of your life become nearly non-existent, so persistence I believe is additionally key."

  • Civil services coaching in Jaipur

    Jan 03, 2020

    Civil services exam is conducted by the UPSC. Provision regarding Article 315and 323. The article says that there shall be a Public Service commission for the Union and Public Services commission. 

    Civil Services exam students find need of someone experienced help who will properly guide them and teach them. Civil Services Coaching in Jaipur by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best place for learn. Shikhhar IAS will provide you proper guidance for IAS and RAS Coaching (Civil Services Exam). Shikhhar IAS will provide you tips of clearing IAS and RAS exam with the whole study materials and test classes. Shikhhar IAS Academy also prepare for current affairs and suggestion to choose Optional subject.

    UPSC pre exam Coaching

    UPSC written exam is conducted in two phase first is UPSC prelim and other one is UPSC Mains. For entering the mains exam you have to clear UPSC Prelim exam first. In UPSC prelim exam there are 100 Multiple Choice questions for 200 marks. And selection is based on cutoff marks. Once you cleared prelim exam you are eligible for UPSC mains.

    IAS Exam Coaching for prelim is contain all the sections that is current affairs, politics, Science, Tech and History. Shikhhar IAS Academy will help you to clear all the topics of these exams.

    Tips to choose Optional Subject

    Shikhhar IAS Academy will help you to choose Optional subject. Which subject you should choose and which subject is easy for you. Opting optional subject is not easy task because some subjects are more scoring and some subjects are less scoring so here we will help you to choose optional subjects. Student’s main target is to Scoring high marks and clear general studies paper.  Shikhhar IAS Academy is best Coaching Institute having all of the expertise.

    Importance of Civil Service Exam Preparation for Interview

    Once you have cleared Prelim and Mains of UPSC Civil Services exam you should prepare for UPSC Interview. UPSC Interview is the toughest Interview process. There are many student who get disappoint at this stage when they were not able to clear this interview process. The Journey of IAS interview is not completed in one or two month it takes time because the level of this exam is high. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best coaching for IAS to prepare students for IAS Interview. You can enhance your interview skills in Shikhhar IAS academy and prepare best for the IAS Exam Interview.

     Choose Best Institute for Civil Services Exam Coaching

    Selection of best coaching institute is very tough. Because all the institutes are promised to give their best results but it’s not possible. Before you join any Institute you should check that faculty is experienced or not they will properly guide you or not? Because Faculty pays a very important role. Check the number of students crack exam. Before joining any Institute Visit it and check they will provide all Study material for IAS Exam with mock test and test series. Second thing you should check is environment is good or not classrooms are fine or not?

    Once you satisfied at your end you can join that institute. Shikhhar IAS Academy is the place who fulfill all above requirements. So you can join us immediately.

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  • New Year Resolution for IAS Aspirants

    Dec 26, 2019

    Civil services Exam is not easy which can be pass without any Resolution by the IAS aspirants. You have a lots of challenges at every step for the preparation to crack The IAS Exam. So be ready for all the challenges and work hard. New Year comes and you should prepare for the best this is your New Year resolution. And here I am sharing you these resolutions so you can increase chance of clearing IAS Exam and prepare well.

    Resolutions for IAS Aspirants to Crack IAS Exam

    Here are some New Year Resolution for the UPSC Aspirants to clear the exam. Here you following them with passion you can crack IAS Exam easily. Nobody can stop you from gaining success when you are honest towards your study.

    These New Year Resolution can boost your productivity and encourage you towards success and change your life.

    Be persistent: In this age of IAS Preparation, the most difficult thing is to be persistent. How distract via thousands of things like Whatsapp, Facebook, and so on. But if you think these are also productive you can make this productive.

    Stick to the syllabus: Focus on Civil service exam syllabus and study hard. Try to be punctual and pay attention on test series and online study material.

    Work Hard:  work hard stop making fun and desire to relax because it’s time to study. Do not lose your hope.

    Utilize your free time: If you are free travelling and going to somewhere read online study material of Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    Make Short Notes: make small comprehensive notes and read it on daily basis.

    Start Practicing mock Exam: mock test will help you more to clear any exam because it will disclose you to your exam pattern and you can easily find out your weak points and start practice for them.

    Read all NCERT Books: Read all NCERT Books and clear all your concepts. NCERT Books clears your basics and it is very necessary to clear basics for fight any exam.

    Improve Your Communication Skills: Communication skills is very important in IAS exam because interview of this exam is very hard and it demands a good communication skills. You have to develop your personality and communication skills.

    Positive thinking: Positive thinking is very necessary to clear any stage of exam be motivated and work hard.

    Practice Answer Writing: Good Writing skills are necessary to clear IAS Exam. Writing prove your thinking. And it helps you to clear written IAS Exam paper.

    If you are thinking to clear IAS exam you have to follow these points and make it your New Year Resolution. Shikhhar IAS will help you to clear IAS Exam we will provide online study material also and online notes and test series is also available on Shikhhar’s website please visit: it will helpful to you.

    Shikhhar will also provide you to study Material on YouTube please like and subscribe our channel and learn all the facts to clear IAS exam.

    Join Shikhhar IAS Coaching Institute Here you will guided by experienced faculty. Shikhhar IAS Academy is best place is to make your Dreams come True and Shikhhar will Help you to become IAS.

    Shikhhar IAS is Best Coaching for IAS in Jaipur because we provide best teaching faculty and best study environment.

    Shikhhariasacademy bestcoachingforIAS bestrascoaching RASFoundationCourse IASFoundationCourse IASPreparation UPSCcoaching

  • The best strategy to succeed in civil service exam

    Dec 20, 2019

    If you are preparing for UPSC Civil services exam then it is important to know that how to succeed in  Civil services exam in their first attempt, so follow these strategy for IAS exam to become successful in first attempt.

    Proper concentration of mind to improve your performance is very important. And it becomes more and more important for Civil services Exam. Reason behind this is the nature of the exam because the level of the exam is very tough and the length of syllabus is very long.  So concentration major factor of this.

    Tips for improve your concentration:

    • Presence of mind
    • At least 6-7 hour sleep
    • Do meditation regularly
    • Feel free from fear of exam
    • Positive environment condition
    • Keep study table clean
    • Set your goals and targets
    • Avoid negative things and people
    • Have faith in god and yourself

    Current Affair preparation For Civil Services Exam

    Current Affairs can play a vital role for civil services examination. Stay glued to current affairs. Read newspaper every day. Newspaper is best way to improve your current affairs.

    Keep Focus on Syllabus of Civil services Exam

    Your syllabus of UPSC Exam is connected to Newspaper articles, you can read it with the attention.

    And the syllabus is very lengthy and deep. And you have idea about current affairs and current issues. These are related to the syllabus and important part of the syllabus. Everyone is giving their best in exam. Self study is more important concern in UPSC exam. And make notes and read daily basis.

    Give mock test and take thousands of test series. It will help to crake Civil services exam.

    Tips for preparing Notes

    Next strategy to gain success in IAS exam is making notes of all your related subjects and important issues. Revise each and every notes and topics during preparation. Last month of the exam your notes is very helpful for you and you can revise all the syllabus and current issues.

    But make sure notes are simple and comprehensive manner. Easy to read and short points.

    Coaching for UPSC Civil services students

    Coaching of civil services is very important because it is best way for the guidance and you can take much more knowledge from it and have more and more study material for the preparation. Coaching center can enhance the chances of success and prepare you for the exam through best coaching institute Like SHIKHHAR IAS ACADEMY.

    Cover NCERT books and basic reading

    NCERT Books are very useful for civil services examinations. Make all NCERT books your best friend read all books and clear all your basics. NCERT book is very useful for clear your basics. Shikhhar IAS Academy will also help you to clear all your concepts and all your issues. Shikhhar is best education platform for IAS Exam coaching.

    For more information please visit our Academy:

    Address: 2nd Floor,Plot No 06,Surya Nagar, Ridhi Siddhi Circle, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

    Contact- us: 7300221186





  • IAS Foundation Course at Shikhhar IAS Academy

    Dec 12, 2019

    IAS foundation course is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Students who are preparing for IAS Examination have a very good chance for IAS 2022 exam’s Coaching. It is a unique course is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Shikhhar IAS Academy is educational platform which provide IAS & RAS Coaching under highly educated and professional teaching Faculty. Best teaching and mentoring is provided at Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    It is a two year course where we complete whole syllabus and revision twice. A rhythm of consistent readiness, assessment and input implies our understudies are in a 'Consistently On' condition of planning and take the test with the information, the certainty and the tranquility expected to split the test. We are preparing our students for hardest level of exam so they are not hesitate in the exam. Every phase of the syllabus is completed by experienced faculty and all the queries of the students are clear on the spot. We are also providing the extra classes for the weaker students pay more attention on them so they easily cope up with the situation and work hard.

    Shikhhar IAS academy every weekend organized a motivation and analytical workshop so all the students are being motivated all the time and do not lose hope. And try their best in exam.

    Shikhhar IAS academy provide study material and all kind of notes for the IAS Exam. We are also provide online study material and online coaching classes for the IAS Aspiring. Our YouTube channel is very helpful for students. Weekly test and online test is conduced and display ranking of all the students. After online test a problem solving class is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Coaching and test as par be UPSC format.

    The Shikhhar IAS academy comprises of masters who have not just cleared every one of the three phases of the UPSC test, but at the same time are experts of their subject. As the regular understudy hold back goes - "In the event that they show us, for what reason would we be able to succeed?"

    At shikhhar IAS Academy, we attempt to consolidate the old estimations of most extreme devotion and duty which gives showing a devout and holy status, with most recent showing strategies in order to make the demonstration of learning, a tasty experience. The challenging undertaking is cultivated by a group of subject specialists and Successful competitors, who with their prosperity mantras and the consciousness of what to think about and what not can really help the applicants in evident sense. Due accentuation is laid on the ideas and basics with a smooth and precise change to the propelled degrees of instructing. The connection among understudies and instructors is constantly urged in order to give a solid situation to development and learning.


    During the way toward preparing the understudies for the common assistance assessments, extraordinary accentuation is laid on the essentials and NCERT books in order to exceed expectations in the state pcs too. Renowned personnel and astounding instructing procedures give you will a dependable way to deal with progress just at Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    OUR VISION: Producing greatness in scholarly, investigating imaginative territories of the lethargic self, supporting ability and fitness and including tirelessness among the understudies to keep themselves side by side of the most recent improvements in the field of common administrations focused assessments.

    OUR MISSION: Producing greatness in scholarly, investigating imaginative territories of the lethargic self, supporting ability and fitness and including tirelessness among the understudies to keep themselves side by side of the most recent improvements in the field of common administrations focused assessments.


    Provide Best education to IAS Aspirants.

    Develop creative Thinking to every issue.

    Ability to define yourself when time in opposite towards you.

    Provide best Teaching and analytical knowledge

    Provide best study material.