• IAS Success Story- Tina Dabi
    Jan 15, 2020 / By Shikhhar IAS Academy
    IAS Success Story- Tina Dabi

    Everybody knows very well that clearing UPSC Civil Services Exam is a challenging task. Passing marks is negligible but we do hear success story of IAS students every year. It is true to say that they are not quite the same as you and me? No, they are not, yet they have a bonus that separates them from the normal group. It is the will and the assurance to clear the UPSC tests at any cost that drives individuals like Tina Dabi to succeed.

    Who is Tina Dabi?

    From her childhood she is very intelligent and hard working girl. She is an extra ordinary girl she secured 100% marks in political studies and history in class 12th. She complete her graduation in Arts Stream from Shri Ram College of New Delhi in 2016. She passed IAS Exam in her first attempted Secured 52.49% marks. If you know her Success Story you will inspire of Your IAS Preparation exam. She is the first SC/ST women who secured first rank As a UPSC Topper. She desire to work for Empowerment of Women and after becoming IAS Officer she starts his works towards women Empowerment.

    IAS Success Story of Tina Dabi

    Tina Dabi is a simple Indian Girl that you and I relate easily. She is hard working girl and she is very intelligent student. With the proof of her Achievements. She complete her education from Shri Ram Women College New Delhi in 2016. And after that she starts preparing for Upsc Civil Services Exam. And she cleared it on First attempt. Tina Dabi holds a leading Role model to every Young women in India.

    Yet, at that point, this story is additionally about her mom Himali Kamble's choice, regardless of being a certified electrical architect, to put her own profession as an afterthought and give her girls the advantage of her "training and time… like a tapasya".

    The narrative of Tina Dabi is likewise one of profound and complex social change in India that has made her the first ever Dalit young lady to top the UPSC assessment. As Lok Sabha MP and ex-government employee Udit Raj tweeted, this "would not have been conceivable 40-50 years back".

    Tina's folks, both from the Engineering Services, don't talk much about this however are not trying to claim ignorance of the tremendousness of the accomplishment, either. They are certain that it is the empowering condition made over years, through ages of battle and coarseness, that made a Tina Dabi conceivable.

    Tina has opted the IAS, with Haryana as her unit inclination.


    “I opted for Haryana because it presents such an interesting example, where you have a lot of economic progress but when it comes to social indicators you are lagging behind, and that is a very big paradox.”

    An alumni in political theory from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, Tina went through a year going to training for the UPSC assessments, holding up until she arrived at the qualification age of 21.

    She read for 8 to 10 hours every day and gives the acknowledgment for her prosperity to "technique and arranging", setting accentuation on "having a calendar, week by week targets, and being restrained and centered".

    "You feel forlorn and you feel discouraged on the grounds that this is such a troublesome test. Different pieces of your life become nearly non-existent, so persistence I believe is additionally key."

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