• Stress Busting tips from Shikhhar IAS Academy
    Mar 18, 2020 / By Shikhhar IAS Academy
    Stress Busting tips from Shikhhar IAS Academy

    “Indian Administrative Services- a platform where you find Number of opportunities”. Do you know the syllabus and eligibility criterion of the IAS exam. IAS Exam Preparation is not easy IAS exam preparation put a lot of pressure on aspirants. You have to be prepared for it mentally and physically also.

    In this article we provide you tips for keep stress out and how to bust stress during IAS exam preparation. In this Article we provide you to how to manage stress when you are preparing for the civil services exam.

    Follow these tips for better result:

     Regular exercise will keep you healthy:

    Do regular exercise because healthy body healthy brain. Do some hours physical activities would be great for IAS Aspirant. Its advice to keep your body fit and healthy. Exercise brings more energy into your daily routine. It could be an aerobics, a walk in park, yoga and meditation also helps to relax your body and mind. These activities improve alertness of your body and keeps you active.

    Take healthy diet plan:

    Regular and balance diet is very necessary for healthy mind. You need both mental and physical strength for IAS exam preparation. So a balance diet will help you to keep you energetic and keep your stress level away. Healthy diet will help you to keep physically fit.

    Take 6-7 Hour sleep:

    A proper sleep keep you stress free, healthy and energetic. So 6-7 hours restful sleep is very necessary. Make a daily routine chart and follow it during IAS exam preparation. If you did not take a proper sleep then your mind is not work properly and you feel low so it is very necessary to take a proper sleep.

    Maintain a balanced lifestyle:

    Maintain a daily routine chart and follow it regular basis. Because a balanced lifestyle keep you healthy and more focused on your study. IAS Exam Preparation process is very long and time consuming. So it does not means that you forget your life. In this stage you have to balance between a personal and career goals.

    Avoid Daytime naps:

    If you sleeping during daytime then your nighttime sleep is completely affected which impact negatively on your energy and study also. So always avoid day time sleep.

    Other tips

    Sit straight while studying

    Do not lie down on bed while studying

    Watch videos for change

    When you feel bored then change subject or topic

    Set your intervals

    Change positions while studying

    Don’t keep your eyes too close to your books.

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