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Director’s Message

From the desk of the Director

Dear Aspirants

We are pleased to welcome you to shikhhar IAS ACADEMY. The Academy has emerged as one of the front ranking learning plateform in Rajasthan within a short span of time.

We join you in your noble choice & promise to help you in your endeavor for the achievement of your most cherished dream. It is a time tested Maxim that in any scheme of fruitful attempt for the competitive examinations, the dynamic organization of various inputs from faculty to facts, from material to methodology, from motivation to maverick adventurism, from subtle hammering to satiation cannot be ignored.

Today, we recognize that securing a good rank in civil services exam has become a tougher task with the growing numbers of appearing aspirants every year, especially in present digital age where every information is just a phone away, we are undergoing a knowledge surplus age. One of the most mistaken fact is that information is the key thing which UPSC relies on, but the reality is contrary to it. Is is wisdom instead of information which would take you to the yonder shore of success..

Consistent efforts are made for bringing in refinement in everything that concerns the maximum success rate in civil services. Research & innovation are some of the top-most priorities, because it is believed that generation of knowledge enriches us with freshness and empowers each individual to overcome obsolescence.

shikhhar is that education plateform which provides able guidance and mentorship of successful IAS aspirants who know exactly what to choose from this ocean of information. Our teaching methodology based on the scientific pedagogy relies on need of exam and aptitude of the aspirant student. We work on aptitude as well as on attitude of aspirants.

We at the shikhhar IAS Academy are aware of the potential value of correct pedagogy as a means of guiding the student into correct study habits. The in built highly effective learning ecosystem for civil services examinations developed by our academy has proved to be very potent. In the end, we assure you that SIA will continue to identify the efficacious & potential strength in you & help as best the flowering of dormant genius in you

However, since there is always scope for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, your valuable suggestions are solicited.

Competitively Yours