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  • The best strategy to succeed in civil service exam

    Dec 20, 2019

    If you are preparing for UPSC Civil services exam then it is important to know that how to succeed in  Civil services exam in their first attempt, so follow these strategy for IAS exam to become successful in first attempt.

    Proper concentration of mind to improve your performance is very important. And it becomes more and more important for Civil services Exam. Reason behind this is the nature of the exam because the level of the exam is very tough and the length of syllabus is very long.  So concentration major factor of this.

    Tips for improve your concentration:

    • Presence of mind
    • At least 6-7 hour sleep
    • Do meditation regularly
    • Feel free from fear of exam
    • Positive environment condition
    • Keep study table clean
    • Set your goals and targets
    • Avoid negative things and people
    • Have faith in god and yourself

    Current Affair preparation For Civil Services Exam

    Current Affairs can play a vital role for civil services examination. Stay glued to current affairs. Read newspaper every day. Newspaper is best way to improve your current affairs.

    Keep Focus on Syllabus of Civil services Exam

    Your syllabus of UPSC Exam is connected to Newspaper articles, you can read it with the attention.

    And the syllabus is very lengthy and deep. And you have idea about current affairs and current issues. These are related to the syllabus and important part of the syllabus. Everyone is giving their best in exam. Self study is more important concern in UPSC exam. And make notes and read daily basis.

    Give mock test and take thousands of test series. It will help to crake Civil services exam.

    Tips for preparing Notes

    Next strategy to gain success in IAS exam is making notes of all your related subjects and important issues. Revise each and every notes and topics during preparation. Last month of the exam your notes is very helpful for you and you can revise all the syllabus and current issues.

    But make sure notes are simple and comprehensive manner. Easy to read and short points.

    Coaching for UPSC Civil services students

    Coaching of civil services is very important because it is best way for the guidance and you can take much more knowledge from it and have more and more study material for the preparation. Coaching center can enhance the chances of success and prepare you for the exam through best coaching institute Like SHIKHHAR IAS ACADEMY.

    Cover NCERT books and basic reading

    NCERT Books are very useful for civil services examinations. Make all NCERT books your best friend read all books and clear all your basics. NCERT book is very useful for clear your basics. Shikhhar IAS Academy will also help you to clear all your concepts and all your issues. Shikhhar is best education platform for IAS Exam coaching.

    For more information please visit our Academy:

    Address: 2nd Floor,Plot No 06,Surya Nagar, Ridhi Siddhi Circle, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

    Contact- us: 7300221186





  • IAS Foundation Course at Shikhhar IAS Academy

    Dec 12, 2019

    IAS foundation course is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Students who are preparing for IAS Examination have a very good chance for IAS 2022 exam’s Coaching. It is a unique course is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Shikhhar IAS Academy is educational platform which provide IAS & RAS Coaching under highly educated and professional teaching Faculty. Best teaching and mentoring is provided at Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    It is a two year course where we complete whole syllabus and revision twice. A rhythm of consistent readiness, assessment and input implies our understudies are in a 'Consistently On' condition of planning and take the test with the information, the certainty and the tranquility expected to split the test. We are preparing our students for hardest level of exam so they are not hesitate in the exam. Every phase of the syllabus is completed by experienced faculty and all the queries of the students are clear on the spot. We are also providing the extra classes for the weaker students pay more attention on them so they easily cope up with the situation and work hard.

    Shikhhar IAS academy every weekend organized a motivation and analytical workshop so all the students are being motivated all the time and do not lose hope. And try their best in exam.

    Shikhhar IAS academy provide study material and all kind of notes for the IAS Exam. We are also provide online study material and online coaching classes for the IAS Aspiring. Our YouTube channel is very helpful for students. Weekly test and online test is conduced and display ranking of all the students. After online test a problem solving class is conducted by Shikhhar IAS Academy. Coaching and test as par be UPSC format.

    The Shikhhar IAS academy comprises of masters who have not just cleared every one of the three phases of the UPSC test, but at the same time are experts of their subject. As the regular understudy hold back goes - "In the event that they show us, for what reason would we be able to succeed?"

    At shikhhar IAS Academy, we attempt to consolidate the old estimations of most extreme devotion and duty which gives showing a devout and holy status, with most recent showing strategies in order to make the demonstration of learning, a tasty experience. The challenging undertaking is cultivated by a group of subject specialists and Successful competitors, who with their prosperity mantras and the consciousness of what to think about and what not can really help the applicants in evident sense. Due accentuation is laid on the ideas and basics with a smooth and precise change to the propelled degrees of instructing. The connection among understudies and instructors is constantly urged in order to give a solid situation to development and learning.


    During the way toward preparing the understudies for the common assistance assessments, extraordinary accentuation is laid on the essentials and NCERT books in order to exceed expectations in the state pcs too. Renowned personnel and astounding instructing procedures give you will a dependable way to deal with progress just at Shikhhar IAS Academy.

    OUR VISION: Producing greatness in scholarly, investigating imaginative territories of the lethargic self, supporting ability and fitness and including tirelessness among the understudies to keep themselves side by side of the most recent improvements in the field of common administrations focused assessments.

    OUR MISSION: Producing greatness in scholarly, investigating imaginative territories of the lethargic self, supporting ability and fitness and including tirelessness among the understudies to keep themselves side by side of the most recent improvements in the field of common administrations focused assessments.


    Provide Best education to IAS Aspirants.

    Develop creative Thinking to every issue.

    Ability to define yourself when time in opposite towards you.

    Provide best Teaching and analytical knowledge

    Provide best study material.

  • Step by step instructions to Prepare Notes for IAS Exam Preparation

    Dec 07, 2019

    The toughest exam in the world is The IAS Exam. More than 500,000 competitors apply to go after not exactly a thousand seats each year in the most head test of our nation. That implies there is a triumph pace of 0.2% for the up-and-comers. With chances that way, an IAS Student needs the most ideal direction. We are appraised as the best in IAS Academy Jaipur by understudies and media outfits. We don't have confidence in making claims and enormous guarantees, we are the most outcome arranged IAS establishment in Jaipur. Along these lines, visit us and try out our demo classes to encounter the distinction yourself.

    We have confidence in conveying quality with choice outcomes in UPSC. Gain from the genuine toppers with our standard collaboration sessions with the top position understudies from each field. Remain in front of the challenge with training tests that offer a similar level as the UPSC. One of its sort all day, every day support for understudies so you get help at whatever point you need rather than exceptional uncertainty clearing sessions. We know how significant time the board is for understudies. That is the reason our class plan consolidates every one of your needs. The best and most dependable IAS Coaching in Jaipur. We are not trying to say this, get notification from our understudies and graduated class what it feels to be a piece of Shikhhar IAS Academy Jaipur.

    At Shikhhar IAS Academy, we comprehend that present undertakings can represent the deciding moment your score in UPSC test. We realize each second is vital for an understudy who is getting ready for IAS test. So we assist you with sparing several minutes by furnishing you with the examination material that is centered around the paper's needs. Everything is sans given of charge so that not just the understudies taking instructing from our IAS foundation in Jaipur yet in addition understudies everywhere throughout the nation can get the advantage of to the point notes and summaries. Forget the extended periods of time of examining papers and bobbling the pages of magazines for Indian Administrative Service Coaching. Our uniquely curated content is here to stay up with the latest with universal and national news, occasions, strategies, the's who,

    We Shikhhar IAS Academy Instruct You to how to prepare step by step notes for UPSC examinations. The nature of exam requires you to update your knowledge and study preparations.  Student should make separate notes for UPSC Exam.

    Steps for making notes:

    1. Make a Separate notebook for notes: The absolute first thing to begin making notes is to purchase a different and committed scratch pad or register or document to keep and set up your UPSC notes. This is totally the decision of the understudies that how they are OK with. Regardless of whether they like to get ready notes in a note pad or flip cards or something different. The majority of the understudies incline toward flip cards since they are helpful, efficient, and advantageous for updating at the eleventh hour. Registers are additionally great yet it is hard to convey along. Along these lines, pick the one which is effectively conveyed with the goal that you can adapt even while voyaging.


    1. Highlight the important Topics: underline or highlight the main topic or important lines it helps you to read the important lines on the last time preparation.


    1. Write in Good hand writing: Hand Writing should be good and easily readable.


    1. Digital Notes: make Digital notes on your Mobile phone’s notepad and read out daily basis.


    Consider all the Topics in mind while making notes. Shikhhar IAS Academy also provide you online study material and notes also. So please visit one and take a demo class for the IAS & RAS Exam Preparations.


    Our Contact Details:

    Contact Number:


  • Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

    Dec 04, 2019

    Best IAS coaching in Jaipur help many Civil services Aspirant to crack the UPSC Exam. IAS Coaching in Jaipur are Expanding like anything. Get ready for IAS Exam in Jaipur, yet keep Patience. UPSC is the administration body, which is liable for leading Civil Services Examination. Is it accurate to say that you are will to turn into the IAS Officer?  Best Civil Services Coaching Institute in Jaipur Rajasthan? IAS Coaching in Jaipur with Fees ?.

    Would like to Empower India by Becoming an IAS Officer? You need to be the piece of Upcoming Developments in Different Working Sectors of India. At that point you as of now have ventured out Landing on the Article of Best IAS Coaching Center in Jaipur. It will help you in cracking the UPSC CSE Examination, Required to Become an IAS Officer.

    Stay in Jaipur and Prepare for IAS to Get one day power and control Require to Bring the Change in Nation.

    IAS competitors of Jaipur are at a clear preferred position for this city is prestigious for its IAS instructing focuses, which draw in up-and-comers from all over Rajasthan and the encompassing states. What's more, do you know why the IAS instructing focuses in Jaipur are so effective? Exceptionally basic – because of the incredible instructing offices here, which is clear by its prosperity that is obvious by the quantity of IAS officials who drop from this spot. The training foundations accept that each wannabe has intrinsic and lethargic characteristics. The IAS instructing establishments attempt to misuse and draw out these shrouded characteristics.


    Shikhhar IAS Academy in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a set up name in the field of focused test instructing. Shikhhar IAS Academy buckle down and determinedly with the goal that those understudies who enlisted here can accomplish their objective. Shikhhar IAS Academy is Perfect Place for learning and developing your aptitudes and information. shikhhar IAS Academy know about the potential estimation of right instructional method as a methods for managing the understudy into right investigation propensities. The inbuilt exceptionally viable learning biological system for common administrations assessments created by our institute has demonstrated to be extremely powerful. At last, we guarantee you that Shikhhar IAS Academy will keep on distinguishing the useful and potential quality in you and help as best the blossoming of torpid virtuoso in you.

    The Civil Services is an extreme test and experiences changes from time to time. Courses at Shikhhar IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur are planned so as to adapt up to the progressions brought just as assess and therefore figure techniques which will be useful for the understudies upgrade their capacity and do the needful. Existing on a crucial methodology, Shikhhar IAS Academy Jaipur has risen as particular character as far as following its very own showing ways which will in general draw out the best yield from the understudies' side.

    Shikhhar IAS Academy also provide online classes for IAS Students and provide best and updated Study material for IAS & RAS Coaching. Student can get all notes on online and offline both. Shikhhar IAS Academy also Provide Demo Classes and Online classes of IAS & RAS. Shikhhar IAS Academy has well qualified and experienced faculties.

    Faculties use new techniques for better understanding of the students. Shikhhar IAS Academy provides online classes so students from different places can enroll themselves, in this way they can get guidance anywhere anytime.

    Shikhhar IAS Academy is on 1nd rank in the list of best UPSC coaching centers in Jaipur.

    The need of best IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur are on a rising and these associations are doing full value by filling in as per what all is being mentioned by the understudies who attempt to become IAS authorities and thusly serve in the Indian association and organization. Thusly, if you intend to transform into an IAS, you should guide these IAS Coaching Institutes in Jaipur to get the right heading, resources similarly as help.

    For More information Please visit Shikhhar’s website:

    Contact details:

    Mobile Number: 7300221186




  • Selection of Best IAS Coaching Institute

    Nov 28, 2019

    The right selection is very essential for our life. When there is concern about joining IAS coaching, which is the Best coaching for IAS, it will become more complicated,

    Choosing the right coaching institute which can supplement a student’s efforts towards achieving success is extremely important. This selection poses a big dilemma to a student today irrespective of the stage of education. Student could be in School or College pursuing undergraduate/postgraduate studies or preparing for a specialized course. Dilemma is caused by availability of far too many choices and of course the fear of making a wrong choice leading to wastage of irreplaceable time, effort and an attempt of UPSC exam.

    It is a well-known fact that clearing Civil Services Exam is no easy task. After all, it is classified as the most difficult exam.  It requests commitment, persistence, information and abilities too, to overcome the pinnacle. A good coaching institute would fill up the knowledge gaps and enable an aspirant to hone skills required to clear the UPSC exam.

    Variables one must consider for choosing the correct IAS instructing Institute?

    1. Performance / Result
    2.  Type of Courses Offered
    3. Student teacher Ratio
    4. Quality of classrooms
    5. Quality of study material

    And Shikhhar IAS academy is fulfill all the conditions. Shikhhar IAS academy is that education platform which provides able guidance and mentorship of successful IAS aspirants who know exactly what to choose from this ocean of information.Our training procedure dependent on the logical instructional method depends on need of test and inclination of the wannabe understudy.

    We at the Shikhhar IAS Academy are aware of the potential value of correct pedagogy as a means of guiding the student into correct study habits. The inbuilt highly effective learning ecosystem for civil services examinations developed by our academy has proved to be very potent. In the end, we assure you that SIA will continue to identify the efficacious & potential strength in you & help as best the flowering of dormant genius in you.

    We offer Postal Coaching & Online Coaching

    Facility for aspirants who cannot come down to Jaipur. Concentrate material for the two Prelims and Mains are made accessible to the understudies for General Studies, Current Affairs (by means of email) just as Test Series.

    Aside from covering the syllabus for the UPSC Prelims and Mains, separate classes are conducted to guide the aspirants on How to read The Hindu”, note taking, essay writing, answer writing modules and more.

    Shikhhar IAS Academy is the Best Coaching for RAS & IAS Exam. For more information please visit our courses Page:

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  • How to start IAS Exam prepration?

    Nov 28, 2019

    IAS Exam is a national level competition exam conducted by UPSC annually to recruit candidates for civil services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IDAS, CAPF-AF and others. UPSC is the mother of all exams and IAS Exam is the most difficult exam held by Central government. The IAS exam process consists of three stages viz.

    Stage 1: IAS Prelims – June

    Stage 2: IAS mains – September

    Stage 3: Interview/ Personality Test- February

     It is difficult to crack IAS but not impossible, thus, the aspirants must be dedicated to the exams.

    The key points about IAS exam are mentioned below:



    Exam Name

    UPSC Civil Services Examination

    Exam Level


    Conducting Body

    Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

    Official Website

    Exam Periodicity


    Exam Mode

    Offline (Pen-Paper Mode) 

    No. of Vacancies

    Nearly 900   


    The ‘Success Mantra’ which is necessary to crack the IAS exam, is:-

    1. Right way of studying – means aspirant must have judgement of what not to study
    2. Be Regular and consistence in studies
    3. Be Punctual with respect to the timing (Below link shows the importance of time)

    IAS preparation is long journey and needs patience, perseverance, thus, to stay motivated during preparation, Shikhhariasacademy suggest to every aspirants to never give up.

    For more detail regarding exam pattern, syllabus and eligibility kindly refer to below mentioned link:

    Further, at you will find the updated matter of civil services preparation and below mentioned is our key highlights:

    1. General Studies Prelims Cum Mains (Foundation Course)
    2. Unfolding- focused on the optional paper
    3. Sprint Program- entire syllabus is covered on a war footing.
    4. Personality Test
    5. Test Series
    6. Postal Coaching & Online Coaching

     Kindly click on below link for more detail:

    For our Courses kindly click below mentioned link:

    Shikhhariasacademy wish BEST WISHES to all aspirants of Civil Services Exam.

    For any additional detail, query our help line number are open 24*7 for all. +91-7300221186 ,

    Email us on if our line is busy will revert you as soon as possible.